Any job requires a plan, that’s why we decided to create our NEW customer project planner.   Free to download, the planner is designed to help with all aspects of your project.   Having a plan makes your likelihood of success MUCH higher.   By “Success” we mean achieving the...

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Everyone loves a trilogy right? Turns out I've written one without ever planning to! This is now my third consecutive blog post related to reinforcing concrete. The first covered the use of reinforcement bars around openings for hobs, sinks etc. The second discusses the placement of reinforcement within the concrete...

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You may or may not have seen that we sell fibreglass reinforcement bars. The purpose of these bars as you might expect is to give the concrete more strength typically around weaker points such as openings. Openings may include hob cutouts, sink cutouts, apertures for BBQs etc. etc. Now traditionally...

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