What is batching?

The process of measuring ingredients or materials to prepare a mix is known as “batching”. 

Batching can be done by two methods, volume batching and weight batching.

We recommend weight batching.

So in terms of the ingredients, you don’t have to worry about too many, just powder and liquid.

The microcement powder contains many sub-ingredients but all you need to ensure is that they are fully mixed. So before you carry out any batching you will need to dry-blend the powder using a power drill with a mixer attachment. You’ll need this anyway for when you mix the liquid and the powder together. This would be Step 1 – dry-blend. If you have dye included with your microcement it is IMPORTANT to add the dye at this stage (to the dry microcement powder). This will ensure that when you carve off a portion of the dry powder it has the correct amount of pigment in it.


Step 2 – Weight Batching

For this step you will need scales to accurately measure the liquid and powder.

In this example we’re going to assume you’re going to measure out 3 batches.

So take your scales, weigh ALL of the powder. Divide that weight by 3 and then weigh that amount out into a separate container. That’s batch 1 done. Now do the same again for batch 2. Then what's left in the original container will be batch 3.

Now do exactly the same for the liquid Microcement Resin! Simple.

Now on occasion you will need to add a little extra liquid. For this you can add a touch of the diluted primer should you need it.

And finally remember, smooth yoghurty consistency – that will make a perfect microcement.

By Toby Hurst


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