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Undermount Sinks - How To Fix To A Concrete Worktop

I’m often asked, “I want to have an undermount sink. How do I fix my... Read more

Crafting the Perfect Concrete Hearth for Your Fireplace

A hearth is not just a functional component of your fireplace; it's a statement piece... Read more

Claire Douglas Appreciation Blog

A few months ago we were tagged in a reel on instagram by DIY blogger... Read more


Any job requires a plan, that’s why we decided to create our NEW customer project... Read more

How To Reinforce Your Concrete Without Reinforcing it!

Everyone loves a trilogy right? Turns out I've written one without ever planning to! This... Read more

Overhangs or Unsupported Span Reinforcement

So following on from my last blog post about fibreglass reinforcement bars, I thought I'd elaborate... Read more

How to Use Reinforcement Bars

You may or may not have seen that we sell fibreglass reinforcement bars. The purpose... Read more

Basic Shopping Lists for Your Concrete Project

GFRC Concrete Worktop Project Shopping List GFRC Concrete Worktop Premix (each pack covers 0.6m2 at... Read more

Outdoor Concrete Worktops

Outdoor Concrete Worktops Slightly off topic, I suppose for this time of year but still... Read more

Make your own concrete sink in ‘six’ simple steps.

Our Concrete Lab sink collection contains all the products you need to build the mould,... Read more

What is the best way to mix Concrete Lab concrete products?

The first thing to say is NOT BY HAND! Our concrete products need to be... Read more

What is the recipe for GFRC Concrete?

This does vary because no two cements are the same, sands are of different grades,... Read more

What is Microcement?

Curious what Microcement is? And does?  We’ve been in the concrete biz for over 10... Read more

How to Batch Microcement (or anything else really!)

What is batching? The process of measuring ingredients or materials to prepare a mix is... Read more

How much area does the microcement kit cover?

We manufacture and sell the following kits; Standard MicrocementCoarse coat microcement For the Standard Microcement... Read more

If I only need to use part of a GFRC Premix Kit, what amount of water and fibres do I need?

The approx ratio of water is 12-15% to the GFRC Worktop Premix. The ratio of... Read more

I have sealed and waxed my concrete project; however, it feels a little tacky. What can I do?

The stickiness can occur for 3 reasons with the GiGi sealer; 1. if parts A... Read more


Christmas 2023 and New Year

As we gear up for the festive season, we want to wish you and your... Read more

Concrete RAL Colours

I’ll make a confession. It’s very embarrassing and not something I discuss with many people,... Read more

Introducing our New Improved Concrete Sealer: A Game-Changer for Efficiency and Protection

At Concrete Lab, we are constantly striving to develop innovative solutions that improve the effectiveness... Read more

Introducing Our New Product: Concrete Wax – Sustainable and Bee-friendly!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, Concrete Wax by Rhoose... Read more

Introducing Our Latest Innovation: Pink Coloured Concrete!

  We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new pink coloured concrete, a... Read more

Eco-Friendly Shipping

We Ship Eco-Style!   As of Monday 17th, October 2022 all of our shipping is... Read more

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