GFRC stands for Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete. Unlike standard concrete GFRC uses glass fibres in place of aggregates to provide reinforcement.

Glass fibre reinforcement provides significant advantages over aggregates;

  • much thinner concrete (18mm as standard with our mix but can be lower),
  • flexural strength - the concrete can actually flex,
  • lightweight - because fibres weigh less than aggregate and less concrete is required.


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best-sellersConcrete Lab Products

GFRC Concrete Worktop Premix

Concrete Lab Worktop / Countertop premix is a specially formulated flowable high-strength concrete mix for pre-cast concrete worktop, countertop, table, bar or sink projects. It is suitable for both indoor...

Ecobeton Gi Gi Concrete Sealer

Gi.Gi. Sealer is a penetrative polyurethane sealer for concrete surfaces, including countertops, worktops, microtop concrete and concrete floors and walls. It comes in a matte finish, is colourless and is UV...

Water-Based Mould Release Agent 1 litre

Concrete Lab Mould Release Agent has been developed using the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce an environmentally friendly and highly efficient release material for concrete formwork on site. It is...
best-sellersConcrete Finishing & Sealing

Concrete Etch & Clean Solution

Our Concrete Etch & Clean Solution concrete preparation solution is a highly concentrated mixture of non-fuming acidic compounds and cleaning agents, specifically developed to prepare concrete surfaces to allow final sanding and...
best-sellersConcrete Finishing & Sealing

Etch & Clean Neutralising Solution

Our Etch & Clean Neutralising Solution is designed specifically to counteract our Concrete Etch & Clean Solution. Using the two products in conjunction with each other makes preparation of your new...

Concrete Worktop Smoothing Paste

Our Smoothing Paste contain a paste perfectly blended to match our four standard worktop premix colours. The pastes are used during finishing to fill any small pin hols or voids in...

Concrete Lab Wax

Our own specially-formulated wax is perfect for nourishing your concrete products, whether a solid concrete or a microcement surface. It is food-safe and if applied every month to six weeks...
best-sellersGFRC Concrete

Fibreglass Reinforcement Bars for Worktops

We recommend the use of our 8mm fibreglass reinforcement bars for when additional strength is required e.g around a worktop cut out for a sink or hob.  These should be...

Standard Colour Sample Pack

Our Standard colour sample packs contains the 4 main colours of our concrete premix kits, microcement kits and smoothing paste kits. Sample packs are available for both our GFRC Concrete Premix and...

Diamond Hand Polishing Pads For Concrete

Foam-backed diamond hand polishing pads. Ideal for final finishing concrete. Ideal for taking off sharp edges having demoulded your concrete.    Available in 60, 100 and 200 grit.