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Our own specially-formulated wax is perfect for nourishing your concrete products, whether a solid concrete or a microcement surface. It is food-safe and if applied every month to six weeks will build up a protective layer on top of any applied sealer. It also gives the concrete a delightful sheen.


1. Apply wax by rubbing a small amount on the surface of the concrete using the cloth. Ensure good coverage.

2. Using the supplied lint-free cloth work the wax into the concrete. To aid the workability of the wax a hairdryer or heat gun can be used but care should be taken not to heat the concrete too much.

3. After 15 minutes buff the wax to a sheen. Don't worry if a layer of excess wax remains on the surface of the concrete as this will wear off in around 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: The wax is now supplied in a lidded tin rather than a bar as shown in the photograph and video. 

Application Video