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July 24, 2024
What is GFRC?

So the acronym is plastered all over our website. It’s something that Chris and I have been involved in for over a decade now so, it rolls of the tongue...

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Round Cut-Outs

So you have a project coming up and you have got pretty much everything squared away in your mind about how to build the moulds, but there is one sticking...

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Any job requires a plan, that’s why we decided to create our NEW customer project planner.   Free to download, the planner is designed to help with all aspects of...

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How To Reinforce Your Concrete Without Reinforcing it!

Everyone loves a trilogy right? Turns out I've written one without ever planning to! This is now my third consecutive blog post related to reinforcing concrete. The first covered the...

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Overhangs or Unsupported Span Reinforcement

So following on from my last blog post about fibreglass reinforcement bars, I thought I'd elaborate a touch on the finer points of the placement of the bars within the concrete....

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