I’ll make a confession. It’s very embarrassing and not something I discuss with many people, but it’s got to the point now where I feel I have to own up to my shortcomings. It’s painful, very painful and I hope you’ll be forgiving……

We’re absolutely sh*t at making colour samples! There I SAID IT!

It’s not that we’re rubbish at making them it’s that we’re rubbish at keeping up with the demand for them. Each one is a little mini worktop all in itself. We use the exact same process to make each 100mmx200mm sample, as we would a 3 metre long kitchen island worktop.

So for those of you out there who are desperate for a sample but really it’s so you can compare colours, we’ve come up with a solution. We’ve had our standard colours digitally scanned and we now have the RAL numbers for our off-white, light grey, mid grey and dark grey.

Here is the photo of the crude test we did with some samples on top.

So now if you know you want polished concrete but you need to choose a colour quick-sharp then we’ve got you!

Below is a more fancy representation of the RAL colours. Interestingly when you view the off-white using the RAL number on screen the colour doesn’t seem to work (on my screen at any rate). I can assure you though that when a tester pot is mixed up and painted onto a surface, the colour is pretty much spot on.


By Toby Hurst


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