Concrete Lab Mould Release Agent has been developed using the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce an environmentally friendly and highly efficient release material for concrete formwork on site. It is ready to use and particularly suited to both indoor and outdoor use on faced sealed plywood, melamine, steel moulds and other impervious formwork materials.


Apply thinly, by spray, brush or swab prior to each concrete pour. Application should be a minimum of 1 hour before pouring, for the excess water to evaporate off and the release film to be properly established. With first application to new formwork a second light coat may be required. On vertical forms any excess material accumulating at the bottom of the form should be removed. On untreated timber surfaces additional coats may be required for first use.

Do not use when temperatures are below freezing.

TIP: Check out the pdf's on the Premix kits page for instructions on how to build moulds. We recommend using melamine for the base, melamine strips for the formwork (external formwork, hob and sink openings etc, plus melamine blocks to support the forms). We use a hot melt glue gun to build our moulds. It is also common to put a 4-8mm round on seen edges of a worktop or table which we create using silicone inside our mould.


A thin coating to give a coverage rate of 30 to 50m2 per litre depending upon surface porosity and texture. Protect from rain when still wet.


The release agent is a water based product and should be protected from frost. Containers must be kept sealed after use. The product may require mild agitation before use if stored for more than 6 months.

Shelf life- In excess of 12 months in sealed containers, use within 2 months of opening. Roll or agitate containers after prolonged storage.

Health and Safety

Download Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.