We Ship Eco-Style!


As of Monday 17th, October 2022 all of our shipping is now eco-friendly.


As an online retailer, we rely almost entirely on a number of shipping agents who come to our door, pick up your purchased products and then drop them at your door.

You can pick up your products from us direct, however that relies on you dear customer being close enough for it to be convenient and cost-effective.


So in this Post-Pandemic age where Mother Nature is undoubtedly making her feelings known globally, we need to act to remain environmentally responsible.


We have quite a few elements to our Sustainability Strategy that we will be implementing over the next year or so and ensuring our shipping is carbon-neutral is our first step. 


How It Works

We have teamed up with Shopify Planet. Every month, Planet tracks the total emissions generated by our shipped orders. 

Planet then automatically calculates our monthly carbon removal cost.

When you place an order, we are charged a pro-rata fee that goes toward purchasing carbon removal credits to ensure that the delivery is truly carbon-neutral. 

We can't take all the credit for this of course. Without the guys at Shopify, this wouldn't be possible, so hats off to them for helping implement this.

By Toby Hurst


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