Our Concrete Lab sink collection contains all the products you need to build the mould, cast the concrete and add the all important finishing touches to make your own unique kitchen or bathroom sink. 

The main features and pluses to adding a concrete sink in your kitchen or bathroom is it will withstand everyday use. If looked after properly and maintained it should last years. It’s easy to keep clean and looks fantastic in any interior design setting. 

You can also choose the finish and colour to fit your unique concept, it is extremely versatile and can work in many different designs, even traditional or country concepts and compliments most wood colours. 

Maintenance is key and you should wax your concrete sink every few months. Minor damages can be repaired quite easily giving it even more longevity and appeal. 

See below our quick step guide to making your very own concrete kitchen sink for a fraction of the price. 

Step 1 - Buy the necessary products 💥

Step 2 - Wait eagerly on your doorstep until your kit arrives 😉

Step 3 - Prep and set out your workspace and unpack your kit 🪜

Step 4 - Watch our YouTube guide on how to make a concrete sink 👩‍💻

Step 5 - Make sure you have the everyday tools necessary to complete the job before you start ⚒️

Step 6 - Set up your phone, tablet or PC nearby your workspace and set about following the step-by-step instructions to create your own beautiful concrete sink! 📱

Click the link below to add ALL the products you need to get going! Don’t forget to take pictures of your journey and share them with us at Concrete Lab. 


By Lorna Lewis


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