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Our Concrete Etch & Clean Solution concrete preparation solution is a highly concentrated mixture of non-fuming acidic compounds and cleaning agents, specifically developed to prepare concrete surfaces to allow final sanding and sealing.

The solution immediately goes to work on the concrete surface, attacking any laitance and thereby opening up the surface to give the concrete a texture of very fine sand paper. Fine bubbles of foam are produced during the process. Once the bubbles have ceased, etching is complete.

The concrete should then be washed with our Concrete Etch & Clean Neutralising Solution and finally rinsed with fresh clean water. The freshly cleaned, etched and dried surface allows the concrete sealer to bond tightly.  We recommend using a squeegee for this process and following up with an orbital sander - we mostly use 180 grit pads.

The product is ready to use, do not dilute.

Material Safety Data Sheet download

Application Instructions Download

1 litre will be sufficient for up to 3 square metres.

5 litres will be sufficient for up to 15 square metres.