Transform your kitchen or living space with personalized concrete surfaces that showcase your unique touch. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newcomer to concrete projects, our range of materials and guidance will inspire and support your creative journey.



Unleash your creativity and give your home a contemporary makeover with our microcement. No need to be a professional - our microcement makes it easy for anyone to achieve stunning results.

Why Choose Microcement?

Versatility and Adaptability - An excellent choice for projects that require intricate detailing or creative design elements. Its thin application allows for greater flexibility in achieving a variety of textures and finishes, enabling a more customised and visually dynamic outcome.

Application - Unlike cast-in-place concrete, microcement can be applied directly over existing substrates, minimizing the need for extensive demolition and reconstruction. This makes it an ideal option for renovation projects or areas where structural modifications may be challenging.

Light Weight - This characteristic makes it suitable for projects where weight considerations are crucial, such as in upper-floor installations or situations where minimizing structural load is essential.


Why Choose Cast-In-Place Concrete?

Robust & Structurally Sound - Cast-In-Place concrete is ideal for applications where durability and long-term stability are paramount. If your project involves high-traffic areas or requires load-bearing surfaces, cast-in-place concrete is a superior choice due to its inherent strength and resilience.

Seamless Integration - It provides a continuous finish without joints, creating a cohesive and visually appealing surface. This is particularly advantageous for projects where a seamless aesthetic is a priority, enhancing the overall design and contributing to a sophisticated look.

Unmatched Customisation - Whether you desire a polished, rustic, or textured finish, cast-in-place concrete offers versatility in achieving diverse design aesthetics. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for those seeking a personalized and unique appearance.


Why Choose GFRC Concrete?

Enhanced Durability - GFRC offers enhanced durability and strength due to its reinforced composition, making it an ideal choice for surfaces that endure substantial wear and tear. If you prioritize a robust and long-lasting solution, GFRC is the go-to option.

Lighter Weight - The inclusion of glass fibers in the mix reduces the overall density of GFRC, making it a more manageable and structurally efficient option, especially for applications where weight is a critical consideration.

Endless Customisation - GFRC allows for a broader range of customisation, catering to various design preferences and architectural styles. Whether you seek a contemporary, industrial, or more traditional finish, GFRC's versatility ensures it can meet your aesthetic requirements.



Be inspired by the innovative designs of our customers and discover the limitless possibilities for your project. Ready to turn your vision into reality? Start your journey with Concrete Lab today.


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