It’s not rocket science and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel! However it does take a little thought and prep. 

When we first started our sister company, Concrete Carrot (take a look, we made every mistake possible. So with a little help from us you won’t have to make them and can benefit from all the setbacks we endured!

Below is our easy guide to making a basic PRECAST concrete worktop or concrete countertop using our GFRC Worktop Mix with a list of the items and ingredients you will need.

PLEASE NOTE - this guide is not for “in situ” or “cast-in-place” concrete countertops. We have a separate guide for this (to be uploaded soon) using our Cast-In-Place Mix.

Before you start your project we recommend that you read through this entire guide and arm yourself with as many of the tools as possible. In the guide we have listed tools and materials required and where relevant they will be suffixed with “[I]” for Ideal, ‘[A]’ for Alternative, “[O]” for Optional and “[E]” for Essential

[I] is the ideal and where relevant a lesser [A] Alternative will be given. [O] is stuff that can be really useful but you can get by without!

Also dotted throughout the document we have listed handy HINTS which will be of use.

So lets begin and start with the prep.