Curious what Microcement is? And does? 

We’ve been in the concrete biz for over 10 years and we've made every mistake in the book! So we are here with our knowledge, products, tools and info to help you create your very own concrete creations (minus all the mistakes!) 

Let’s start with our Concrete Lab microcement products, carry on reading to find out what it is, how it works and what the pros are: 

Concrete Lab Microcement is a cement-based coating which can be applied thinly to any sound surface. 

Also known as micro-concrete or micro-topping, microcement is a polymer-modified product which is typically applied to walls, floors, stairs and furniture in the home or in commercial environments.

Our microcement system is unlike most other microcement products on the market because it has been designed to match our other concrete products so that they can appear seamlessly along side them in their finished environment.

Why use concrete you ask? 

Here’s a few reasons why… 👇

Durable ✔️

Mouldable ✔️

Affordable ✔️

Low maintenance ✔️

Modern ✔️

Heat and stain resistant ✔️

Looks great ✔️

Different finishes ✔️

Our handy microcement kits contain everything you will need to complete your first project (minus the sealer which is sold separately), see what they include below. 

The kit comes in 3 options - a Sample Kit, a 5sqm Kit and a 10sqm Kit, and comes in a choice of colour bases suitable for either walls or floors. The wall kit is a two-coat system. With 2 coats as standard. 

It can be applied to variety of different substrates as long as they are sound and free from movement.

For floors, worktops or areas where the microcement will come into contact frequently with water, such as showers or wet-rooms, further preparation is required using our Microcement Coarse Coat.


Each Kit contents: 

- 1 bottle of primer

- 2 bags of microcement powder 1 per coat

- 2 Bottles of neat resin to be mixed with each coat - Microcement Instructions PDF downloadable. 

We recommend sealing it with our GiGi Sealer. (Separate cost)

A cost-effective way to get that modern concrete look. Plus, with Concrete Lab products and our help every step of the way, you can say you made it all yourself… total WIN! 

By Lorna Lewis


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