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Gi.Gi. Sealer is a penetrative polyurethane sealer for concrete surfaces, including countertops, worktops, microtop concrete and concrete floors and walls. It comes in a matte finish, is colourless and is UV stable. It is extremely durable and long lasting. It has no VOC content and has very low odour. It can even be used in areas handling forklift traffic. Gi.Gi. Sealer is anti-graffiti and is highly resistant to aggressive contaminants. Gi.Gi is food safe. 

Gi.Gi. Sealer is two-component and easy to apply.  We recommend using a high density foam roller to apply which we can also supply. 

We recommend sealing new concrete and Gi.Gi sealer is also suitable for maintaining and re sealing existing concrete products.  For re sealing we recommend acid washing the concrete with our Etch n Clean product to prepare the surface prior to using GiGi.  

The product comes in 3 sizes and the coverage rates are in the table below;

Mini Small Large
Worktops & Furniture 5m2 10m2 20m2
Microcement Surfaces 10m2 20sqm2 40m2



We supply with or without syringes.  We find this really helps when measuring out the correct amounts. 

Tip - don't let the sealer dry out, keep it wet until no more is being absorbed.

Application Instructions PDF - Download 

MSDS Part A - Download

MSDS Part B - Download

Sealer Calculator - Calc Form