Caring For Your Concrete

We recommend that your finished concrete, whether it be microcement, cast-in-place or GFRC concrete, be sealed with our sealer according to our instructions. Please see the relevant Help Section for more information in relation to application.
We also recommend that once sealed your concrete is waxed regularly to both enhance the appearance of the concrete and to provide an extra layer of durability.

Things To Avoid

Concrete products have very good heat resistance. However, as with natural stone materials, they may be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes so we recommend not putting pots and pans straight onto the surface.


Using sharp objects directly on your concrete countertops products will damage the sealer, and doing so may dull your knife, so always use a chopping board on top of your countertop.


Our high performance sealer performs very well but reasonable care should be taken to minimise the risk of staining. For the first 28 days after installation the concrete may be more susceptible to staining until it has fully cured.  Any spillages must be cleaned up as quickly as possible. The applied sealers will slow the penetration of the spillage to allow time to clean it up. If spillages have been left too long and have stained, the areas may need to be cleaned with specialist cleaners/degreasers and sealer reapplied. Sealers may not protect against any acidic substances, if not cleaned up quickly acidic substances may etch the concrete. 

How To Care For Your Concrete

We recommend using only mild detergents and a soft cloth to clean your concrete product(s). Do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals or cleaning products that contain bleach, scouring pads or sponges as these will scratch the sealers and over time may remove them. The use of such items, products will void the warranty.
We recommend that a good quality furniture wax is used to maintain the condition and continually improve the protection of your concrete.
In particular we recommend Rhoose Point Beeswax because it is food safe and entirely natural so can be used in food prep areas. This can be purchased from Concrete Lab HERE.

Application of Wax

This should be applied in accordance with our instructions. Please refer to our Help Section for more guidance.

Domestic setting - In the first month the wax should be applied weekly. After this initial period the wax should be applied monthly to ensure protection.

Commercial setting - In the first month the wax should be applied twice weekly. After this initial period the wax should be applied every two weeks to ensure protection.

Reapplication of Sealer
The top layer of the sealer may eventually give way. In this event the top layer of the concrete can be lightly sanded back and the sealer re-applied.