Concentrated Universal Concrete Primer 1L & 5L

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Our Universal Primer is perfect for the preparation of existing surfaces.

The existing surface should be structurally sound, clean and dry and grease-free.

It can be used in preparation for the following examples;

1. Microcement application to a floor or walls

2. Applying Concrete Lab Craft Mix over existing surfaces, such as a plywood or cement board sub-base

It comes in concentrated form and requires the addition of water. The addition rate is 3 parts water to 1 part primer.

A 1 litre bottle of Universal Primer once diluted will be enough for up to 16sqm depending on the substrate.

A 5 litre bottle of Universal Primer once diluted will be enough for up to 80sqm depending on the substrate.



1. Shake bottle for 30 seconds.

2. Decant bottle into larger container.

3. Fill the empty bottle with clean water and pour into large container.

4. Repeat three times.

5. Mix contents of large container, preferably with a paint whisk or similar to ensure all contents are combined.



1. Ensure the surface that you are priming is clean, free from grease and contaminants and dry.

2. Vacuum surface.

3. Apply primer with either a brush or roller.

4. Leave until touch dry. Ensure there are no pools of primer.