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Standard Colour Sample Pack

Our Standard colour sample packs contains the 4 main colours of our concrete premix kits, microcement kits and smoothing paste kits. Sample packs are available for both our GFRC Concrete Premix and...
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GFRC Flowcrete Admixture

Flowcrete powder admixture is designed specifically for use in Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete also know as GFRC and GRC. It is suitable for a variety of decorative concrete products such...
best-sellersConcrete Admixtures & Dyes


Metakaolin is a pozzolan, probably the most effective pozzolanic material for use in concrete. It is a product that is manufactured for use rather than a by-product and is formed...
best-sellersConcrete Admixtures & Dyes

Concrete Lab Superplasticizer

Concrete Lab Superplasticizer A proprietary blend of a powdered plasticizer with dispersing and wetting agents for the production of ultra high performance wet-cast and GFRC concrete. Benefits: Faster blending, easier wetting out...

Concentrated Universal Concrete Primer 1L & 5L

Our Universal Primer is perfect for the preparation of existing surfaces. The existing surface should be structurally sound, clean and dry and grease-free. It can be used in preparation for...
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Microcement Coarse Coat

Our Microcement Coarse Coat for Walls, Floors or Worktops contains the powders and liquids required to prime and apply the microcement allowing you to produce your own polished concrete floor, walls and...
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Skimming Spatula - Rule Roll Grip Frame

- flexible stainless steel blades- Lighter weight than aluminium rules- Rounded edges & tapered blade- Roll grip frameThe spatula-rules are produced with a semi-flexible stainless steel blade and lightweight rigid...
best-sellersConcrete Admixtures & Dyes

Concrete Lab CSA Accelerator (5kg)

Concrete Lab’s CSA Accelerator is a powdered blend of chloride free admixtures which has been specially designed to accelerate the early strength development of Portland based cementitious materials. The admixture...
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Concrete Sink Mould Insert Kit

Our Concrete Sink Mould Insert Kit contains the following; Moisture Resistant MDF Sink Insert Parts Body Filler Mould Resin Waste Hole Mould Release Wax The kit is easy to assemble...