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Our Concrete Lab Craft Mix is a specially formulated flowable high-strength concrete mix for cast-in-place or inset concrete worktops, countertop, table, bar or sink projects. 

The mix contains;

  • Super-plasticizer additive to provide a flowable mix at low water/cement ratio. 
  • Alkali-resistant glass fibres - for strength and to reduce the weight of the finished product
  • Contains a premium cement formulation - to the specification we use ourselves in commercial applications
  • Specific coarse-graded silica sand
  • Metakaolin - a pozzolan to make the concrete more cohesive and less likely to bleed and far superior in strength

Our simple system requires the addition of water only, producing high quality results every time.

The kit comes in 25kg buckets. One 25Kg Kit will produce a 0.5 metre length of standard width - 600mm - worktop at 40mm thickness. 

One kit = 0.3m2 of concrete at standard 40mm depth


Instructions for mixing, casting and sanding are given in the video below.

Please note - If you are planning to create precast sections of concrete which are cast upside-down, this product is NOT suitable. Please use our Worktop Premix Kit for this.