Concrete Worktop Smoothing Paste

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Our Smoothing Paste contain a paste perfectly blended to match our four standard worktop premix colours.

The pastes are used during finishing to fill any small pin hols or voids in the surface of your worktop or counter top to give a superior smooth finish.

The Paste contains all the necessary additives to allow you to just add water.

Once thoroughly mixed and blended, lightly spray your concrete surface with water from a pump sprayer. It only requires a very fine mist which will prevent the  concrete from sucking the moisture straight out of the paste.

Next pour a small amount of paste onto the concrete and work into the pin and bug holes. Use either your hands or the spatula, either way the aim is to fill the holes level with the concrete surface whilst leaving as little paste residue on top of the concrete surface.

Once cured (approx 4 hours) this can be lightly sanded off.


The Smoothing Paste will cover approx 3 to 5 square metres.